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If you need friendly and reliable transportation services, courier services or food delivery, your search is over. Ask Sam offers a variety of transportation and delivery-based services in Birmingham, Alabama to get you what you need, when you need it.

We created our business to fulfill customer needs with unique and exceptional services.

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Food Delivery

We’ll bring your favorite food to you.

delivery service, birmingham al

Transportation / Guided Tours

Make an unforgettable impression with our unique transportation services.

taxi ride, birmingham al

Courier Services

Safe, secure, reliable delivery of your products and supplies.

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5 ways Ask Sam makes your life easier in Birmingham, AL

We created Ask Sam with you in mind. Depending on your needs, we provide a variety of transportation and delivery services in Birmingham, Alabama, including:

  1. Transporting you or your guests safely around the city
  2. Providing a 45-minute guided tour during our transportation service
  3. Delivering your products, items or medical supplies safely to their destination
  4. Picking up and delivering food from your favorite restaurants
  5. Providing valuable services at an affordable price

Discover how we can serve you.

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Our strength is our service

Ask Sam does more than provide delivery, taxi, courier and guided tour services in Birmingham, Alabama. Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable experience to brighten your day.

When you choose us for your delivery and transportation needs, you can feel confident your day will be better because of our service.

To further improve your customer experience with Ask Sam, we:

  • Offer bulk order discounts
  • Reward repeat customers with specials
  • Provide transparent pricing on all our services

We’re here to make your life easier.

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